If you are keen to fish, please take time to read Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ published policy for the use of fishing equipment within the harbour area. This is designed to avoid fouling of leisure craft propellers as well as the loss of fishing equipment:

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners – Fishing Policy

If you would like more information on the regulation regarding fishing within the bay and estuary please also visit:


Recreational divers are welcome to share Falmouth Bay with other water users, but please be aware that this is a busy port with constant commercial shipping movements that take place at short notice anywhere in Falmouth Bay, Carrick Roads or in the approaches to Falmouth Docks. Diving activities must therefore be planned, and carried out, in order to ensure that divers stay well clear of ships.

Please note that no recreational diving is allowed in the vicinity of Falmouth Docks’ wharves or jetties, or within the docks basin without a permit from Falmouth Docks.

Diving code of practice

If you are a recreational diver, please ensure that you comply with the diving code of practice.

Please also read the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ diving protocol.


Falmouth Harbour plays host to many popular sailing races and regattas, particularly during the busy summer months. Bye-laws are in place to ensure that vessels that are not taking part do not interfere with competitors. Navigation warnings will signal major racing events but please also take time to read the port notices on our web site.