Seasonal Moorings

Our seasonal moorings are the ideal way for our locals to keep their boats, each are regularly inspected and maintained by our own maintenance team plus they offer excellent locations in deep water at all states of tide.

Our seasonal moorings are in high demand. You can apply at any time simply by registering your interest using the form below. You can also email us or give us a call on 01326 310990. You can also apply for a summer Boat Park berthing space, or for a winter Boat Park berthing space (lay up) via our Boat Park page.


Mooring Application FAQ’s


Q: Does it cost anything to apply for a mooring?
A: Yes there is a small one-off administration fee of £25 per application. You will be asked to pay this via Paypal.

Q: When will I pay for the mooring?
A: Your mooring fee will be payable once a facility has been allocated. Fees are payable annually in advance, and secure your berth for the summer or winter season, depending on your needs, and includes the first fitting of your strop and support buoy.

Q:Who looks after the mooring?
A: Falmouth Haven looks after the majority of the mooring equipment but you are responsible for maintaining the strop and support buoy after it has been fitted, for the duration of your tenure.

Q: Do I have to own a boat to register my interest?
A: No, you do not have to own a boat in order to apply for a Serviced Mooring or summer/winter Boat Park space, but if you do you will be asked to give details on the application form.  If you do not currently own a boat, please provide details of the type and size of boat you intend to acquire.