The Falmouth harbour area includes sites of Special Scientific Interest, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area for 3 species of overwintering birds. We are also one of the 43 designated ‘Heritage Coasts’ in England and Wales. Sailing in and around Falmouth will see you exploring some of the most magnificent waters in the UK.



Falmouth Haven plays an important role in ensuring that any activities we undertake, and anything we permit others to do, will not harm this beautiful area. We work closely with environmental agencies to ensure that Falmouth Harbour is preserved for future generations. We also work with environmental researchers and adhere to UK environmental legislation and international standards to continually maintain and improve our surroundings. You can find out more here…


If you would like more information on how to help preserve the marine environment around Falmouth, please visit our useful Environmental Information page. You can also find out more about environmental best practice on the Green Blue site, a joint project developed by the RYA and the British Marine Federation (BMF) which has produced a series of simple guides.